Summer watching


During the Summer most people spend as much time in the outdoors as possible, I on the other hand try to avoid the sunshine and sweltering heat by binge-watching new and old shows and subscribing to Netflix during the never ending months of hiatus. I watched a lot of programmes that I had already seen and a few new ones that I have been wanting to watch for a very long time. 

So here is a snippet of what I spent my summer watching –

The League – If you have weird taste like myself then you need to watch this and fall deeply in love with Mark Duplass and Nick Kroll, I promise that you will have no regrets. This show is about a group of guys, and Jenny, who have their own fantasy football league and I know if you don’t like/get football like me then you’re probably thinking you’ll skip this one but please don’t, it isn’t all about football is has so much more to it. It’s probably one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, each episode makes me cry with laughter and no two characters are the same. Adam Brody also guest stars in a few so that’s a bonus.

Portlandia – This show deserves so much more praise than it’s given, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein need to win more awards. The two created this show and write and star in it which is more than I can say for the people that beat them everytime! I’m not very in to sketch comedy but Late Night with Seth Meyers and SNL made me fall for Fred Armisen (weird taste returning) so when I saw this on Netflix I thought I’d give it a go. In all honesty there are a few sketches which weren’t as funny as others but the ones I liked, I loved. I especially loved this one that described my summer.

Scandal – Oh.My.God. Okay America I am sorry, I know you all love this show and talk about it a lot online and after 3 seasons I thought okay America I’ll see what all the hype is about and I completely understand, Shonda Rhimes is a god, first Greys Anatomy and now Scandal. For a week or so I spent every minute of my free time watching this and if you haven’t already seen it then you really do need to watch this right now! I don’t care if you don’t watch any of the other shows I’m suggesting but this is the one you need to get caught up with. First of all, Kerry Washington is amazing, she’s absolutely flawless and I now want to be Olivia Pope and I can’t discuss this show anymore without typing spoilers and ranting on about every single storyline so that’s my only valid point. All you need to know is that every storyline starts with a shocking twist that makes you want more. Please I beg of you watch this show, stop what you are doing right now, put on your PJs and make sure everyone knows you’re going to be too busy to hang out.

Here are a few other shows you should probably be watching that I had already seen and needed to watch again –

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – get ready for your Charlie Day crush to develop.

The Mindy Project – if Mindy Kaling wasn’t already your idol, which she should be, then she definitely will be after this.

Parks and Recreation – This show is ending next season which makes me want to hibernate and cry so you should probably catch up before it ends, it also has the cast of dreams, Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt and Nick Offerman, to name a few.

Twin Peaks – Only took me 24 years, I am 23 so that is my excuse. I did love this at first but didn’t get round to finishing season two because it began to bore me.

And that is all so I hope you are all opening Netflix right now. Happy watching.


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