Fall shows

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Finally the fall season is upon us and it’s time to snuggle up with regular viewings of our favourite shows. I am very excited to check out what’s new and upcoming but for now here is a low down of my top three most anticipated returning shows. 

The Vampire Diaries – ALARIC IS BACK, finally and hopefully forever! Damon and Bonnie may be stuck in the supernatural afterlife but we all know they’re returning, thanks internet for all the not so discreet spoilers. I think the tip that Damon and Stefan will be ‘best friends’ this season kind of gives away to the audience that they will some how get themselves out of the land of the dead. I was ridiculously heartbroken when Alaric died and when little Jeremy Gilbert had his ghost moments, so you can only imagine how ecstatic I was to see that Matt Davis would be returning as a series regular. I’m really hoping that this season will be better than the last because not only did we have to say goodbye to Katherine but we had travellers, very annoying and very boring travellers. I can’t wait for a new series, new storylines, new characters, old characters and to fall deeply in love with Alaric all over again.

Greys Anatomy – As I’ve mentioned in another post, Shonda Rhimes is a god and I remember not so long ago I spent nearly an entire month crying hysterically whilst binge-watching the entire 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and begging everyone I know to do the same. This show has a lot of different storylines, all as sad and heartbreaking as each other. I’ll have to admit that season 10 wasn’t the best but I think that’s mostly because I was mad that after April and Jackson had finally found each other and then they had marital problems, oh how I cried when he stopped Aprils wedding, that sweet hot ass man. I am very curious as to see how long this show will go on for and how it will do without Meredith’s BFF Christina but I’m still hoping for more drama and more Meredith near death experiences that somehow get to me everytime.

The Mindy Project – Mindy and Danny are finally together and I’m really hoping that they don’t do a Rachel, Ross, Jess and Nick kind of thing. I know it adds a bit of suspense to the will they-won’t they end up together spectrum but I for once need a tv couple to be together and stay together. Saying that, if they don’t I’m also kind of okay with that, I will miss all the cute extras that Mindy has dated all of which I want to date! I can’t wait to have weekly Mindy and Morgan back in my life.

Other shows I’m looking forward to –

Awkward – Matty Mckinnon I love you.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Lets see what stupid things Samberg gets up to this season.

New Girl – Julian Morris has been casted for this season so I definitely can’t wait. I’m praying that Ferguson the cat will make his/her return.

Homeland – What will Clare Danes do without her Brody?

Resurrection – Interested to see how this show will develop.

Faking It – Threesomes, twosomes, who will choose who?

Modern Family – Phil Dunphy I have missed you.

American Horror Story – I’m still hoping that they will create a series better than the first.

Scandal – Do not even get me started.

The Originals – Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, Hybrids what’s next?

The Walking dead – I’m slightly concerned for this season and I feel like the writers think they can do anything and that the viewers will go along with it because it’s cool and unique.

Last but not least Criminal Minds – FINALLY Matthew Gray Gubler is back to me! The love of my life has returned!


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