Top 5 Fall TV shows


The Fall season is upon us, here you can see my views on what’s working and what’s not. 

  1. The Flash – I love everything about The Flash and most importantly, I love that it influenced me to watch Arrow. Which by the way, is equally as amazing, if not a little more. The relationship dynamics are enough to bring in the female audience, I mean, who doesn’t crave a good love triangle and the extras are always amazing. I for one am ridiculously excited to see Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell be reunited in episode 10 and to watch the episode entitled ‘Flash Vs Arrow’. If you haven’t already watched this you probably should and pretty soon. Good news, it has been picked up for a full season. I for one don’t see this show going anywhere soon.
  2. The Mysteries of Laura – I am so glad that this is good because I love Debra Messing and I have been praying for her return to my screen since Will and Grace. I’m not usually into cop shows as they eventually get boring but I like the fact that this has a female lead that doesn’t really care about what people think of her. Each episode has some snooty girl in it and she will always put her down. People tend to judge this show saying it gives women a bad rep but deep down we all know we’re a little bit like Laura. This show has been picked up for a full season so I’m really hoping it gets the renewal it deserves.
  3. Selfie – I must admit I did watch the pilot to laugh at how stupid it was probably going to be, but boy was I wrong. I actually laugh whilst watching this show, which is very rare at the moment for any twenty minute comedy. Please dear god do not cancel this show. I want to see more of Henrys anal behaviour and Elizas self-absorbed ways and maybe even a Henry, Eliza kiss at the end.
  4. Marry Me – Oh how I cried during the pilot, probably the funniest pilot I have seen in a long time. I’m afraid to say I’m not really a fan of Casey Wilson, just because of how OTT she always is, but I’m giving her a chance. My favourite thing about this show is who they casted to be her gay dads, Tim Meadows and Dan Bucatinsky, God I miss James Novak in Scandal. With this cast/character development and the humour I’m sure this will be renewed pretty soon.
  5. Bad Judge – Cry for me/along with me as I tell you the bad news. This show has been cancelled. I know, sad right? This was a funny show with a killer cast and I cannot help but think maybe Ryan Hansen is cursed, goddamn that beautiful cursed face. Kate Walsh, in my eyes, is amazing and I need something to work that she’s in, I miss Addison Montgomery. Still praying this gets saved somehow.

Z-Nation – Tense, shocking, fast zombies and even a season 2 renewal. This needs more fans.

Stalker – Eery storylines with mysterious lead stars, this show has a lot of potential and has been picked up for a full season.

Scorpion – Interesting to see how the geniuses in this world live. Hope to see a full season if not a renewal.

Manhattan Love Story – Cancelled. Thank god.

Red Band Society – Still trying to decide whether I like this. 50/50 on renewal.

Mulaney – The latest one was hilarious but unfortunately John Mulaney is the only cast member I don’t laugh at. Probably going to be cancelled.

How To Get Away With Murder – I love Shonda but this is her least interesting programme. I’ll keep watching though as it’s been given a full season.

Benched – Too early to tell.

A-Z – Cancelled. I mean really, how far could this show actually go?

Gotham – Dark and Gritty. Realistically the Penguin makes this show, sorry to say Jim Gordon but you’re not the star for me.

Black-ish – I gave up, constant race jokes are not for me.

Happyland – Incestual relationships only work on Game of Thrones.

The McCarthys – Too early to tell.

Comment below to let me know what you think of the fall season and if I should be watching any shows I’ve missed.


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